Warranties and Return Policies

Top Flight Computers places a top priority on customer service. This means we treat you with the utmost respect before, during, and after the sale.

1) We can warranty all parts in your system installed by us during the system build. 

2) We will never charge you for phone support during the lifetime of your system. 

3) Even though your system may be outside of its Top-Flight Extended System Warranty period, some individual hardware inside your PC may still carry a manufacturer's warranty. We'll do our best to help you engage those manufacturers should you decide to make repairs yourself.

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Providing top-notch technical support is one of our main long-term priorities. All support is provided by our own skilled in-house employees - we NEVER outsource our support! We understand and appreciate how important timely tech support can be in the professional realm.

Work with the peace of mind that your Top Flight Computer is built with the highest quality components, and is supported by US-based, in-house, experienced computer enthusiasts.

Every computer we build comes with free lifetime tech support via phone/email, and a free lifetime labor warranty.

To ensure 100% reliability and stress-free operation, every computer we build undergoes extensive nondestructive stress and stability testing.

Normal Warranty | Extended Warranty | Other Information

Normal Warranty Terms:

The Top-Flight Basic System Warranty:

There is a 30 day warranty on all components purchased and installed by Top Flight Computers. After the initial 30 days, there is an optional extended hardware warranty (see below).

Extended Warranty Terms:

The Top-Flight Extended System Warranty:

This optional extended system warranty guarantees manufacturer specified operational capabilities of the components (purchased by Top Flight Computers) in the system configured in the quote and invoice for a period of 1-3 years. Coverage length is determined by the client.
Component failure due to customer modification (overclocking, aftermarket cooling solutions, etc) after taking system possession from Top Flight Computers is not subject to warranty. Top Flight Computers is not responsible for any physical/non-physical damages/costs caused by system component failure or by negligent system operation by the user.

Top Flight Computers warranties this computer only for component failure caused by manufacturer recommended operation. Any component failures caused by liquids or other objects will not be applicable to this warranty and will not be held subject to replacement by Top Flight Computers.

The Top-Flight Extended Warranty is only available for purchase at the time of system approval.

Other Information

Components Not Purchased by Top Flight Computers:

There is no warranty for components not purchased by Top Flight Computers.

Refurbished and Used Components:

Refurbished/3rd party CPU/GPU/Motherboards can not have extended warranties applied to them.

Return and Replacement Policy: 

Top Flight Computers is not responsible for damages to any components or loss of any data inadvertently caused by products, under normal or abnormal use, including those purchased from Top Flight Computers.

Top Flight Computers will not replace, repair or refund any purchase if an items serial number does not match what was originally sold. There are absolutely no refunds for custom work (i.e custom paint, special order chassis, custom cutouts).

Limited warranty does not cover damages or defects cause by: shipping (other than related to the original shipment from Top Flight Computers), improper installation, misuse, modifications, unauthorized repair, adjustments, or excessive electrical power.

Warranties only applies to systems sold directly by Top Flight Computers.