Sony Vegas Pro Workstation

Like many video editing applications, Sony Vegas Pro loves hardware. Sony Vegas Pro is fairly single-threaded for editing, but uses threads fairly well in final rendering. We’ve selected a high-powered Intel i9-9900K processor for general use in Sony Vegas Pro.

This Sony Vegas Pro Workstation is configured with 32GB of RAM and supports up to 64GB. If you work with content greater than 4K, or need more memory for another reason, please let us know in advance. Sony Vegas Pro also uses GPU acceleration to a decent degree, and we’ve incorporated a modern mid-range video card to handle this.

Overall System Performance

This Sony Vegas Pro Workstation performs well in applications optimized for highly multithreaded CPUs, with decent GPU rendering capabilities.

Let’s Build It!

Recommended Hardware

Designing the right system for the current scenario is a core element of our mantra at Top Flight Computers.

If you don't get the right parts, it doesn't matter how much you spend on your'll be stuck with expensive hardware that doesn't work well with your situation.


This Sony Vegas Pro Workstation is $3500 as currently designed. Workstations as low as $1500 are available.

Extended Warranties

This system is available with extended warranties.

Example System

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