Scarlet Wolf

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Scarlet Wolf System Info

Scarlet Wolf is a gaming computer engineered to deliver a exceptional gaming experience, at high/very high quality. This system is powered by AMD Ryzen 5 and Nvidia Pascal, which were chosen for their high performance/price marks, and relatively low cooling requirements.

Scarlet Wolf also takes into account an NC State theme, applying that to LEDs, premium cabling, acrylic backplates, and overall component choice.

Ryzen 5 1600 | Kraken X52 Rev 2 | B350 Tomahawk Arctic | Trident Z 2x8GB DDR4-3200 | Blue 250GB | Caviar Blue 1TB | GTX 1070 Gaming X | AI Crystal White | FOCUS Plus Gold 650W | Windows 10 Home | 7x Riing 12 Red | Custom PSU Cabling | LED Lighting | Custom Acrylic GPU Backplate


"I've known the owner personally and only recently had both the resources and need for a new PC. It was an easy decision to go with Top Flight for getting the gaming and graphic design rig I've wanted for years.

I remember when Chris first started talking about his business idea when we met in college and seeing him over the years make his idea into reality has been inspirational. With his incredible work ethic, attention to detail, frequent communication and superior customer service he provides a great service and product.

Chris knows his stuff, and will find you the best parts at the best price (in my case finding a GPU at the height of their demand for cryptocurrency) for your build, and work with you through the entire process.

He understood my desire for not only a top performing PC, but also an aesthetically pleasing one, even incorporating some of my own custom artwork into the final product.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for a custom build. He will really listen and go above and beyond for you!

My PC arrived in Connecticut safe and well packed. Scarlet Wolf looks fantastic on my desk!"

- Kim, Glastonbury CT

Part Reviews

The NZXT Kraken X52 is the CPU Cooler of choice for our Scarlet Wolf build.

Providing the user with plenty of cooling capacity while remaining quiet...this CPU cooler should always be considered for a higher-end build.

The MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic is the motherboard of choice for our Scarlet Wolf build.

Providing you with with plenty of modern features, rock solid support, decent overclocking, nice visuals, and a great price...this board never disappoints!

The G.Skill Trident Z 2x8GB DDR4-3200 is the RAM of choice for our Scarlet Wolf build.

Plus, you can easily add more DIMMs to increase to 32GB, or swap them out for an RGB set later on.

The Western Digital 250GB Blue is the SSD of choice for our Scarlet Wolf build.

This SSD provides a great platform for quick boot times, fast map-loading, and overall increased system responsiveness.

The Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB is the HDD of choice for our Scarlet Wolf build.

With 1TB of bulk storage, this drive will provide a stable platform on which to store documents, photos, videos, and games.

The SeaSonic FOCUS Plus Gold 650W Fully-Modular is the PSU of choice for our Scarlet Wolf build.

Giving the user plenty of power for a future-proof 1080p setup, and designed by one of the best manufacturers on the market, this PSU should always be considered for a normal build.

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