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Scarlet Wizard System Info

Chris built his first Gaming PC in Spring of 2014, after saving up money for a few months. He was instantly hooked on PC Building, and has been upgrading his PC ever since.

Scarlet Wizard is the 6th iteration gaming computer owned by Chris. Scarlet Wizard starting off as a lesser build, then was upgraded over the years. This current overhaul downgraded from a GTX 970 SLI, to a single different 970, in preparation to soon upgrade to a GTX 1080Ti. This build is a very capable PC at 1080p, and does quite well for its age.

i7-4770K | H100i | Z87-G45 Gaming | Vengeance 2x8GB DDR3-1600 | 240GB 840 EVO | WD Black 1TB | MSI GTX 970 | Enthoo Evolv Tempered Glass | RM750W Gold | Windows 10 Home | ML120 Pro LED | LED Lighting

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A Modern Version of Scarlet Wizard is $3300

Gaming PCs as Low as $650 are Available

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