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Sanic System Info

Sanic is a computer designed to run VR games at high resolution, near-max quality, while keeping a steady framerate. VR is much more intensive than normal gaming, so this required substantial hardware.

i7-4790K | H100i v2 | Z97S SLI Krait | 16GB DDR3-1600 | 850 EVO 250GB | 1TB Black | GTX 1080 Founders Edition | RM650W Gold | Eclipe P400S | Windows 10 Home | LED Lighting

Customer Review

"I definitely recommend Top Flight Computers for those who are interested in creating their own gaming PC, or for those who would like a second opinion on what parts would work best for their specific gaming needs.

Very polite, extremely resourceful, and very passionate about helping with building your dream PC into reality."

- Kellie, Raleigh NC

A Modern Version of Sanic is $2500

Gaming PCs as Low as $650 are Available

Financing is Available on Custom Builds via Square Installments

Please Contact Us to Purchase a Modern Version of This System

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