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Sanic Build Review


"I definitely recommend Top Flight Computers for those who are interested in creating their own gaming PC, or for those who would like a second opinion on what parts would work best for their specific gaming needs.

Very polite, extremely resourceful, and very passionate about helping with building your dream PC into reality."

- Kellie, Fayetteville NC


Exodus Build Review


"Chris at Top Flight Computers built me my first gaming PC for my budget of around 1000 dollars. I am extremely pleased with the results. Chris was always available to answer my calls and questions. He is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect and was able to build me the very best PC for the money.

I had some initial issues with my graphics card and he took the time to troubleshoot the problem immediately, it turned out to be just a setup issue. He also offered me a warranty for all of the parts. I plan on calling Top Flight Computers for any questions or concerns regarding my PC.

After showing my PC to some of my "computer smart" friends they confirmed that Top Flight Computers indeed did a fantastic job finding me the best parts for my budget. I am able to run very graphically demanding games at 60+ FPS on the highest graphics settings with no issues whatsoever.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my experience with Top Flight Computers and plan on consulting Chris for any upgrades I might be considering in the future."

- Ben, Asheville NC


Smardin Build Review

generic-avatar male.png

"I had Chris with Top Flight Computers build me a custom computer. It turned out beautifully. Chris was amazing along the way.

He checked in often, and was spot on with his recommendations and final selections of components and software. I would recommend him 10 out of 10 times.

When the time comes, I will not hesitate to call on him again to build another one."

- Stephan, Raleigh NC 


Stormtrooper Rampage Build Review


"I have wanted to build a super gaming computer for my daughter for a while, however every time I started to look into the project I was overwhelmed with all of the new technology and decisions on how to build it.

I am super OCD and everything I do has to be methodical and thought-out. This presents a problem when trying to find someone to help you, as most businesses now have lost the ability to provide that level of service, and willingness to go beyond customers’ expectations.

I found Top Flight Computers and decided to reach out to discuss my vision. My expectations were low, as I have tried other local businesses and only ever ended up back at square one.

To my surprise, Chris contacted me back quickly, and we discussed my vision. Chris was very pleasant, and never tried to steer me in any direction other than what I had decided to build. He provided me with the knowledge I needed to make the decision to start the build.

Once the build was commissioned, Chris took on the build as if it was his own. I was amazed at what he created in the allotted timeframe he had to get the project completed. Chris exceeded every expectation I had, and created one of the finest computers I have ever owned.

Throughout this process with Chris, I realized he is going to be very successful building computers with his attention to detail and his ability to understand all of the ever-changing new technologies.

The computer Chris built for me is the Stormtrooper Rampage, look it up on his site, it’s absolutely amazing!"

- David, Fuquay Varina NC


Silver Fury Build Review


"Had Chris design a computer for me when I needed to upgrade earlier this year. His knowledge and professional attitude during the build process even when issues popped up is top of the line.

Highly recommend anyone looking to have a computer built use Top Flight."

- Peter, Raleigh NC


ThecraQ Build Review


"Chris at Top Flight Computers here in Raleigh is nothing short of a professional. His messages to me during the whole build were fantastic.

He knew exactly what I wanted, and has delivered. The whole thing has been hassle free and professional.

Top Flight Computers will be a company I recommend to every friend of mine regardless of their PC knowledge."

- Chris, Raleigh NC


YemFlyer Build Review


"Great work. The computer was perfect , delivery time was respected. Chris was very open to discussion during the part selection process and afterward.

I definitely suggest Top Flight Computers for quality work and customer treatment."

- Abdoulaye, Raleigh NC


BolognaBot Build Review


"Chris is a top-notch professional who is attentive, precise, and proactive in communicating issues and potential roadblocks.

A young entrepreneur who is well ahead of his peers and competition when it comes to customer service, attention to detail, and professionalism.

Plus, the computer is 🔥🔥🔥"

- Tony, Raleigh NC


Tomahawk Strike Build Review


"I simply did a Google search online for someone close to me to construct a gaming computer that fit my needs.

I couldn’t have picked a better business and individual to help with this journey. He took my budget, found the best possible options, and constructed a beautiful machine! He dealt with all of my constant questions and truly showed what it means to be invested in a project, but more importantly a person.

I would recommend this service to anyone and everyone. This is the only place I will go for future services. Made a customer for life out of me!"

- Michael, Raleigh NC


Strix Eclipse Build Review


"I recently bought a new computer from Top Flight and could not be happier. The build quality and attention to detail are the best I have ever had in a PC.

I would recommend Top Flight to anyone in the market for a new computer."

- Adam, Apex NC


Industrial Strength Awesome Build Review


"Unlike most customers of Top Flight Computers, I am fully versed with PC hardware. I've lost track of the number of PCs I've built, Frankensteined or repurposed, not as a business but as an avid enthusiast. I'm generally found hip-deep in the early-adopter crowd. When my work and home life began to leave me too little time to complete a build, I found it difficult to hand over my pet project for someone else to finish. This wasn't just a toy, but a passion.

I wasn't looking for a mere expert. No, I needed something more. I needed an expert who was truly, completely thorough and willing to do the hard work in addition to the fun work.

Enter Chris at Top Flight Computers. Don't be fooled: he is the real deal. Their website mentions their process and their attention to detail. These are not just words. Every time Chris updated me on my computer's status, I knew exactly what he had done and what it took to accomplish - not because he told me, but because I know this work myself. He impressed me by maintaining a high level of communication, always giving me the option to steer the project while he did the (often literally) heavy lifting.

Hire him, because even after he dazzles you with your shiny new PC, you still won't fully realize how fortunate you were to have him working for you.

Thank you, Chris. If I find myself needing another set of hands for a project, I'll be calling you."

- Edward, Durham NC


7 of Clubs Build Review


"Love the constant communication. They always keep you up to date on your pc. I got my first gaming pc from these guys and I'm VERY happy with the outcome.

I wanted to try something local because of reviews on the big companies not being the best. Plus this is a bit more personal. You actually talk to Chris about what you want and he puts it into action.

Thanks for the experience!"

- Matthew, Cary NC


Scarlet Wolf Build Review


"I've known the owner personally and only recently had both the resources and need for a new PC. It was an easy decision to go with Top Flight for getting the gaming and graphic design rig I've wanted for years.

I remember when Chris first started talking about his business idea when we met in college and seeing him over the years make his idea into reality has been inspirational. With his incredible work ethic, attention to detail, frequent communication and superior customer service he provides a great service and product.

Chris knows his stuff, and will find you the best parts at the best price (in my case finding a GPU at the height of their demand for cryptocurrency) for your build, and work with you through the entire process.

He understood my desire for not only a top performing PC, but also an aesthetically pleasing one, even incorporating some of my own custom artwork into the final product.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for a custom build. He will really listen and go above and beyond for you!

My PC arrived in Connecticut safe and well packed. Scarlet Wolf looks fantastic on my desk!"

- Kim, Glastonbury CT


UNC ESports (The RAM) Build Review


"The experts at Top Flight PC were extremely personable and incredibly helpful throughout the process of building my PC.

I gave them my budget along with how I intended to use the machine and I was surprised with suggestions and advice regarding what I would need and how I could work within said budget.

My experience with Top Flight PC will keep me coming back to them and I would happily recommend them to a friend!"

- Shane, Chapel Hill NC


Fraken Kraken Build Review


"I called a couple of places for the addition of an AIO on my GTX 1080Ti; was told it could not be done. Chris and his team at Top Flight Computers performed the modification and got the job done. My customer relationship with Chris has now extended to his team building a custom PC for my kids.

Let Chris and his team turn your PC dream into a reality.

Courtesy, professionalism, open communication and customer focus; this is what you will get with working with Top Flight Computers. They have a lifetime customer for all my PC needs!"

- Phet, Clayton NC


Spectre Build Review


"I had a computer built and it exceeded my expectations enormously. They also have such high quality skills and the upmost best manners, as well as top notch advice and knowledge."

- Zachary, Rocky Mount NC


Storm of the Century Build Review


“Chris is a very knowledgeable guy, he's the Pro that hobbyist computer builders consult with, and who you want to go with for your custom build.

He recommended a build specific to my business' software and needs, and had it built for me in under a month. In my case I needed After Effects render speed, so we went with the fastest single-core CPU on the market.

Even though I'm a hobbyist computer builder myself, I really never would have thought to exchange core count for clock speed. Highly recommended!”

- Jesse, Raleigh NC


The Racers Edge Build Review


“I commissioned Top Flight to build The Racers Edge for a very specific purpose - to get the highest performance and quality iRacing simulation experience, which means getting the most out of my 49" widescreen 4k 144Hz gaming monitor.

WOW…what a system! It's a premium price, but in this case you very much get what you pay for.

There is a price premium for custom computer systems that is almost never worth it, especially since I am perfectly capable of assembling my own rig. Top Flight is more than worth the premium, because Top Flight Computers doesn't just cobble together a bunch of parts bought on the cheap.

Chris' rigs are purpose built, ENGINEERED hardware solutions, optimized for very specific requirements.

The Racers' Edge is a perfect machine - lightning fast, reliable, and whisper quiet (despite NINE fans). The price premium for an engineered system vs. an assembled system is only worth it if the execution and the customer experience are flawless, and Top Flight is all that and more.

Chris has built an incredible company in Top Flight Computers. It's an immense challenge to build a successful computer hardware company, yet Chris has thrived despite this environment. He's thrived because he understands how to run a business as well as he understands computer hardware.

Well done Chris - you've earned my business for life!”

- Brian, Austin TX


Phoenix Build Review


“Chris from Top Flight Computers was extremely helpful in getting what I wanted. He is knowledgeable on the work he’s doing and he is not the type of guy to lie and tell you that you need to upgrade things that don’t need upgrading.

You can expect professional and quality work. If you’re in the Raleigh area, I recommend Top Flight Computers.

I personally will be coming back for all my PC needs.”

- Aaron, Lillington NC


Yin Yang Build Review


“I really wanted a gaming computer and did not know how to build one. I contacted Top Flight Computers to build me one and the process was quick and simple.

I really enjoy my new rig and would strongly recommend their services.”

- Edward, Goldsboro NC


Mark's Review


"Chris was professional every step of the way when helping me work through specs on a build. He asked the right questions to get to the root of what my system would be used for, and helped me build a system that stayed within my budget.

I'll definitely use Top Flight Computers for my next system as well."

- Mark, Lexington NC

Charlie's Review


"So, this young guy shows up in my email. Something about the way his choice of words and presentation caught my eye. I invited him over to chat, next thing I know he's installing software and hardware.

Chris has his act together from soup to nuts he presents and executes well.

I would gladly recommend him for your computer needs. If he doesn't know the answer, you won't get fluff; he'll search it out and report back. A+ in my book."

- Charlie, Raleigh NC

Jesse's Review


"Chris is great to work with, very personable and helpful. Working with Chris, you get 1-on-1 service 'whenever and whatever it takes' that many businesses can't match.

I gave him a call at 10-o'clock at night with computer problems when I was under a deadline, and he had me up and running in an hour."

- Jesse, Raleigh NC

Brian's Review


"I recommend Chris and Top Flight Computers primarily due to his eye to detail, enthusiasm and ability to add his personal touch to your overall business experience.

Top Flight is a high speed low drag experience that will enhance your gaming experience and keep your network cool!”

- Brian, Youngsville NC

Micah's Review


"Chris and his team at Top Flight in Raleigh, are the best in the business as far as I'm concerned!

Whether you're looking for a top of the line liquid-cooled gaming PC, or just a reliable business computer...Chris and the Top Flight team can get it done with style, great customer service, and a great price!"

- Micah, Wilmington NC

Kent's Review


"Chris is extremely knowledgeable and brings top technical talent to hardware and computer design and build outs. His computers are designed from the ground up to tackle the most demanding workloads at unheard of scales and throughput while managing heat output and power consumption.

Highly recommended!"

- Kent, Charleston SC

Charles's Review


"Chris has been a huge help with providing custom computer building advice and motivation through LinkedIn messaging and his website. He is very personable and professional.

I would definitely recommend him for your next custom computer build."

- Charles, Raleigh NC

Benjamin's Review


"Awesome is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Chris. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chris for the past year or so during which he's been helping me out with finding the best budget gaming PC.

Chris would be a true asset for any positions requiring computer building or marketing and comes with my recommendation."

- Benjamin, Raleigh NC

Chris's Review


"Chris's obvious knowledge of the ins and outs of high-end gaming computers and workstations allows him to build beautiful, dependable machines.

His products and dedication to customer satisfaction will keep you coming back for years to come!"

- Chris, Raleigh NC

Nate's Review


"Excellent customer service, product experience and expertise. Chris takes great pride in making every detail important.. down to the LED lights.

If you want a custom designed computer to handle whatever you are into, Chris is your first and only call."

- Nate, Raleigh NC

Ron's Review


"Chris is amazing at what he can build! It takes skill to do what Chris does, and his costs are very reasonable. I know outstanding craftsmanship when I see it.

I have been building custom computers for 17 years, and Chris is your man if you're looking for a custom computer!!"

- Ron, Cary NC

Stephen's Review


"I've never met Chris, but we did good business through Facebook Messenger. I requested a service that Top Flight Computers did not already have, and Chris took it very well!

We negotiated specifics and cost, I came out as a happy customer, and he added a new type of service available on his website. In our discussion, I was quite pleased by the level of flexibility and skill that he portrayed.

In a scenario which has left me confused for more than a year, Chris didn't bat an eye. His first solution appears to be the right one for me!"

- Stephen, Raleigh NC

Andrew's Review

"Chris at Top Flight Computers has been extremely helpful, providing information to our business on everything from restoring/recovering data on crashed laptops, custom computer builds, to changing over to a domain email server.

We are pleased that he is knowledgeable, patient, and professional. Super easy to work with and quick to respond. Thanks for all the help Chris!"

- Andrew, Sanford NC

Gabrielle's Review


"Chris is super knowledgeable when it comes to custom-built computers. He has a process and really takes the time to explain the different specs and options available for each component.

I also really appreciate that he is willing to deliver the computer and set it up for you.

I would highly recommend Chris to anyone shopping for a high-end custom PC."

- Gabrielle, Garner NC

Kristen's Review


"Top Flight Computers is a top notch company. Chris is incredibly professional and thorough. He assesses his clients needs, and then offers several options to best fit them. Plus, the computers he builds are amazing.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great custom PC!"

- Kristen, Chapel Hill NC

Ron's Review


"Chris is an extremely talented and passionate PC designer. He combines art and precision with every custom build.

Chris works very hard to guarantee that his clients enjoy their buying experience from start to finish."

Ron, Morrisville NC

Gabrielle's Review


"I met Chris 10 years. Saw him graduate college, obtain work in his major, and start up his very own business, Top Flight Computers. I hired him for an IT service, and was beyond impressed with how spot-on his service and intelligence was.

It is so refreshing to hire a super honest, moralistic man and witness the integrity he brought to my clinic, and displayed in the service he provided. I will be retaining him for my webmastering services."

- Gabrielle, Raleigh NC

Mary's Review


"I highly recommend Chris Touchberry of Top Flight Computers for your custom computer needs. He's honest, reliable, and the quality of his work is top notch!"

Mary, Chapel Hill NC


Kelly's Review


"Chris is the best in the area if not the US in my opinion. I've seen his work on several occasions and let me tell you...quality work! Not only that, he's very nice, enthusiastic, quick to respond, and happy to meet your needs.

He's been very helpful and deserves every bit of business for all the hard work he puts in. Go to Chris for all your tech needs , I assure you you'll be happy with his work.

I have seen him at several business networking events, he's always extremely professional and people have nothing but good things to say. Please support his business as he's a hard worker and top notch guy. Be sure to write a review for him and refer him to others in the area.

Hard working talent like this isn't always easy to find and when you do, support the talent! Chris is awesome!!"

- Kelly, Raleigh NC

Benita's Review



"I have had nothing but positive and informative interactions with Chris from Top Flight Computers since we connected over a year ago! Although I will probably never need a computer built, Chris was the first person I thought about when I started to research the purchase of a laptop for my business and personal use.

He easily found me a suitable match and was happy to explain the language that was unfamiliar to me. Thank you for all your help!"

- Benita, Norfolk VA

Joey's Review


"Awesome, well built computers! Quality is top priority at Top Flight Computers!"

- Joey, Charlotte NC

Kris's Review


"Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. This guy builds some seriously beautiful stuff!"

- Kris, Raleigh NC

Tyler's Review


"Chris is a very knowledgeable, hard working individual who is pours his passion for tech into any project he works on.

I recommend utilizing his skills and expertise for any of your future projects."

Tyler, Raleigh NC

Andrea's Review


"I invited Chris to an event I did in March. He was very professional and knew a lot about computers! The systems he brought looked amazing, and were capturing everyone's attention.

I will definitely be inviting him to future events!"

Andrea, Chapel Hill NC

David's Review


"They did great work and great service for us at U.S. Animation Sales"

- David, Wakefield NC

Ernie's Review


"A very intelligent individual with a terrific personality as well.

I'd recommend him to anyone with computer issues, especially if you need something specific for those needs."

- Ernie, Raleigh NC

Remington's Review


"Owner really goes out of their way to try and source quality parts at quality prices. Does an excellent job making the builds, literally, shine too.

Would recommend to friends and family."

- Remington, Raleigh NC

Harrison's Review


"Top quality service from Chris. It was a pleasure dealing with him. He provided all the information and help I could ask for.

Would recommend."

- Harrison, Raleigh NC

Glenn's Review


"Chris is the most honest, polite, and knowledgeable, computer tech I have ever met. He goes out of his way to explain the problem, without any attempt to impress one with "Computerese!"

I highly recommend him and his company for all your artificial intelligence needs!"

- Glenn, Henderson NC

Brian's Review


"Chris puts his heart and soul into every computer he builds."

- Brian, Raleigh NC

Anthony's Review


"Absolutely loved how professional Top Flight Computers was, and they really listened to what I wanted in a computer.

Chris takes time and pride in his work and it shows in every computer he puts out."

- Anthony, Charlotte NC

Kevin's Review


"Really enjoyed my experience with Top Flight Computers. They helped me get everything I needed.

I would highly suggest their services to anyone in need of a computer to be built for them. I was surprised how intelligent and knowledgeable they were.

My overall experience was positive. 5 STARS!"

- Kevin

Kate's Review


"Chris is knowledgeable and professional. He is passionate about his work.

Supporting small business is so important but it is just so easy with Top Flight Computers!"

- Kate, Mebane NC

Danny's Review


"Top Flight Computers is an great company. Chris is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He listens to his clients needs, and then offers a solution to best fit their needs.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great custom PC!"

- Danny, Mebane NC

Madonna's Review


"Very down to earth and and extremely knowledgeable. Chris doesn't make you feel stupid for asking questions. He gets right to the issue.

Very professional and I'd recommend him to anyone!"

- Madonna, Fayetteville NC

Scottie's Review


"Excellent service and expert advice! Chris is knowledgeable and delivers what he says he will do! Count on Chris to give you the best advice along with service you cannot get from the big box retailers.

He listens to what you need from your computer and offers suggestions before starting.

You can't go wrong with Top Flight Computers!!!"

- Scottie, Durham NC

Scott's Review


"Chris has a strong attention to detail, and has a passion for what he does, which you see in his work."

- Scott, Raleigh NC

Ravonda's Review


"Chris is amazing at what he can do with his computers. If you are a gamer, or just need a high performance computer that looks great, give him a call."

- Ravonda, Chapel Hill NC