Red Mist

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Red Mist System Info

Red Mist is the 5th version of one of our own computers. Connor took the time to implement a heavy amount of custom fabrication on the Corsair 570X case. The latest upgrade was a 360+240mm custom hard-line watercooling loop, with a new case and power supply. This build is a beast at high refresh rate ultrawide gaming, does well in video editing, and dominates in VR.

i7-6700K (OC @4.7GHz) | Sabertooth Z170 S | Trident Z RGB 2x8GB DDR4-3000 | 240GB | Blue 1TB | Black 1TB | Blue 3TB | GTX 1080 | 570X White RGB | 850W 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular | Windows 10 Home | 3x SP120 RGB | Custom PSU Cabling

EK Supremacy EVO | XSPC White 360mm | XSPC White 240mm | EK HDC 12/16 (White) | EK HDC 12/16 (Nickel) |  Bitspower Flow Meter | EK-FC Terminal (Plexi) | EK-XRES 1 DDC MX.1 PWM | EK-RES X3 Tube 250 | EK-AF Ball Valve (Nickel) | EK-AF Extender Rotary M-M (Nickel) | EK-AF T-Splitter 3F (Blk Nickel) | EK CryoFuel

A Modern Version of Red Mist is $4500

Gaming PCs as Low as $650 are Available

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