High Performance Network Storage Solutions

What Is Network Attached Storage

Network attached storage (NAS) is a solution that allows you to access a storage drive over the internet. NAS typically refers to relatively small-form-factor solutions for home/small business use. They can designed to have high speed, high capacity, and/or multiple layers of redundancy. A NAS can range from a single drive attached to a router and/or switch, all the way to a rack-mounted array with several network connections and a large TB capacity.

General Use Scenarios

Our NAS solutions are mainly designed for use in home/small business environments. Situations ranging from 4TB to 100TB, with several types of RAID, and multiple connectivity options are possible.

Our NAS Systems

For You

All systems by Top Flight Computers are fully customizable. If the website spec is not what you wanted, please contact us, and we will work to engineer a solution.

Before your system leaves our shop, we test your computer to make sure it runs perfectly for you, from the moment you turn it on.

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