Industrial Strength Awesome v2 Enthusiast 4K Gaming PC

Industrial Strength Awesome v2 Description

Industrial Strength Awesome v2 is a extremely robust system engineered to smoothly run nearly any game at max quality at 4K resolution.

This build uses a custom-fabricated specialized case, an i7-8086K, two GTX 1080Tis, and a heavy amount of PETG watercooling.

Due to the extreme amount of radiator, we had to fabricate a case of our own design, to be able to mount all the thick radiators.

Industrial Strength Awesome v2 System Spec

i7-8086K | MAXIMUS X FORMULA | Dominator Platinum 4x16GB DDR4-3466 | 960 Pro 2TB | 4x Blue 1TB | 2x GTX 1080Ti 11GB ROG STRIX | AX1500i | Custom Case | Windows 10 Pro
Supremacy EVO Nickel | 2x FC1080 GTX Ti STRIX Nickel | FC1080 GTX Ti Strix Backplate Nickel | FC Terminal X2 3-slot Plexi | 4x XE480 | 16x Vardar EVO 120ER | XTOP Revo Dual D5 | Clear PETG | HDC 16mm Nickel | RES X3 250 RGB

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A modern version of Industrial Strength Awesome v2 is $TBD. Gaming computers as low as $700 are available.

Extended Warranties

This system is available with extended warranties.