Godzilla Gaming Computer

This custom hard-line water cooled system is built around the Intel Core i9-9900K, providing an incredible amount of overall CPU performance. The i9-9900K can intelligently boost its clock speed, depending on the installed cooling solution. Due to the high-resolution native environment of this system, the bulk of the visual rendering will be offloaded to the dual RTX 2080Tis.

This PC is configured with 64GB of water cooled DDR4-3466 RAM, a high-end Z390 overclocking motherboard, a water cooled NVME SSD, water cooled VRM control, and plenty of thick radiator space.

Overall System Performance

Godzilla is built for those who push the envelope right to the edge, and require silence as well. This system is optimized to perform well in games at 4K resolution.

i9-9900K | ROG MAXIMUS XI EXTREME | Dominator Platinum 64GB DDR4-3466 | 970 EVO 2TB | 4x 860 EVO 4TB | 2x RTX 2080Ti | 1000D | SuperNOVA T2 1600W | Windows 10 Pro | HD120 RGB | Custom Cabling | LED Lighting | 4x SE480 | Velocity RGB (Nickel + Plexi) | 2x Vector RTX 2080Ti RGB (Nickel/Plexi) | 4x Monarch Nickel | EK Fittings  

The Godzilla Gaming PC is $18,000 as Currently Designed

Gaming PCs as Low as $650 are Available


System Design Rationale & Upgrade Path

We've put a fair amount of thought into how we designed this system, and would like to explain why we chose the above components. We'll also explain the various upgrades to the system, as you might desire.



We chose the i9-9900K for its high single-core performance, large multi-core performance, number of PCI 3.0 lanes, and ability to run 4 memory sticks. As this system is built for 4K+ resolution, pure single-core performance is less of a concern, and more important is the number of PCI lanes and system stability.

System Change: If you come across a need for more cores, you will need a different motherboard.


Because this system is a maximum-end enthusiast spec, we chose an Extreme motherboard from Asus ROG. Asus is widely accepted as one of the best manufacturer of motherboards. This motherboard comes with high overclocking abilities, plenty of RGB effects that you can change as you wish, and plenty of power regulation for the high-end CPU.

System Change: Please ask us if you have a question about a potential system upgrade being compatible with your motherboard.


We went with 64GB of fast Dominator Platinum memory due to the extremely high quality of the internal chips. While 16GB of memory is a widely-accepted amount for gaming computers, we wanted to provide ample room for large games, and create a visual effect second to none.

System Change: If you come across a need for more memory, you will need a new motherboard and CPU. The motherboard selected supports a maximum of 64GB of memory, in an 4x16GB array.


The NVME and SATA SSDs were chosen for their high performance across the board, high storage capacity, high reliability, and long manufacturer warranty period.

System Change: If you come across a need for more storage, you can add in more drives as necessary, though you may need to take more time, as the water cooling takes up a large portion of the case.

Video Card

The video cards were chosen for their top performance in games and large VRAM capacities. These video cards will not suffer from thermal throttling, as they are cooled by the large water cooling array.


The case was chosen for its extremely high build quality and incredible amount of cooling potential. This is a very large case, and is not for the faint of heart. The fans were chosen for their impressive static pressure in a water cooling environment, as well as their visual appeal.

System Change: Reasons for changing the case can be very hard to pin point. If you have a question about the compatibility of the case selected with an upgrade, please contact us. If you would like to change the fans, please contact us.

Power Supply

The power supply was chosen for its extremely high build quality, very large power capacity, and high thermal efficiency. This power supply has enough juice to power the entire system, highly overclocked, and still not make much noise from the internal fan.

Water Cooling

This system incorporates 4 high-end 480mm radiators to dissipate all of the heat produced by the system. The overall amount of radiator allows us to run the fans at a low RPM, generating low noise, while remaining at a safe thermal level.

This system incorporates a dual independent loop configuration. The CPU and RAM are one loop, and the GPUs are another loop. Isolating the two loops allows for easier maintenance, heat isolation, and increases the visual appeal of the system.

This system incorporates a clear RGB water block for the CPU, twin clear RGB full-cover blocks and silver backplates for the GPUs, and a clear block for all 4 DIMMs. The complete water cooling array eliminates any chance of thermal throttling, and allows you to push the system to the limit, safely and quietly.

This system is available with optional extended warranties, as well as a recurring maintenance package. Selecting a recurring maintenance package will reduce the system cost

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