Fraken Kraken Enthusiast 4K Gaming PC

Fraken Kraken Description

Fraken Kraken is a high-end system designed to deliver a very smooth experience in 4K resolution at high quality. This PC will also be used as a media server, and has plenty of storage for games and other content.

Fraken Kraken also uses twin NZXT X72 Kraken AIO coolers, for the CPU and GPU. This results in a very stable environment for the hottest parts, and allows for substantial overclocking if desired.

Fraken Kraken System Spec

i7-8700K | 2x X72 AIO | ROG MAXIMUS X HERO (Wi-Fi AC) | Trident Z RGB 2x8GB DDR4-3200 | 970 EVO 250GB | IronWolf 8TB | GTX 1080Ti 11GB | H700i Black/Black | FOCUS Plus Gold 850W | Windows 10 Pro | ML120 Pro | ML140 Pro | Kraken G12 Matte Black

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Dual AIO Liquid Cooled Custom 4K Gaming Computer

Customer Review

"I called a couple of places for the addition of an AIO on my GTX 1080Ti; was told it could not be done. Chris and his team at Top Flight Computers performed the modification and got the job done. My customer relationship with Chris has now extended to his team building a custom PC for my kids.

Let Chris and his team turn your PC dream into a reality.

Courtesy, professionalism, open communication and customer focus; this is what you will get with working with Top Flight Computers. They have a lifetime customer for all my PC needs!"

- Phet, Clayton NC


A modern version of Fraken Kraken is $5800. Gaming computers as low as $800 are available.

Extended Warranties

This system is available with extended warranties.