Open Loop Water Cooling

What They Are

These are the beasts you've heard about, the monsters that live under your bed. Full custom loops take the Expandable Kit, and give you full rein over every part option.

open loop water cooling

Pros and Cons of Open Loop Water Cooling

These solutions are also the most effective, the most thermally-efficient, the quietest at load, the most complex, and the most expensive.


These solutions generally start at $500, plus labor cost. These systems can also easily hit $1000+ in hardware alone.

As the complexity of the loop can vary dramatically, we don't list estimates for labor time. Our labor rate is $80/hr. Please contact us if you're interested in a custom water cooling loop.


Higher-end custom water cooling packages require quite a bit of technical information from you, due to the complexity of the higher-end cooling packages, and the need to ensure compatibility.

As such, please give us time to compile the package. We work to ensure you are fully satisfied with your cooling solution.

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