What Is Top Flight Computers & Why You Should Buy From Us

What is Top Flight Computers

Top Flight Computers is a High Performance Custom Computer Design/Build firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

What we do

We provide another option in the Built-PC industry, one that is firmly rooted in high quality parts, superior customer service, and driven by the utmost respect for the customer.

Too often, people buy desktop PCs that simply "work", not knowing they are getting the short stick of the deal.

Build quality can take a dip, shortcuts are taken, and sometimes, the parts are not easy to upgrade/expand with. We aim to solve all those issues by doing several things.

hardware choice

First, we always use brand-new hardware that has been carefully chosen to meet performance requirements. Ultimately, it's all about performance...getting the speed desired is the main goal.

Brand-new hardware of the latest generation makes it easier to ensure performance goals are met. If those goals are met, then it's that much easier to think about style.

style and visuals

Second, we pay a great deal of attention to style and build aesthetics. Plain and simple, we make sure your PC looks as awesome as it performs. Ranging from a sleek, trim, modern system...to a hot-rod with all the LEDs and crazy water cooling that is possible, style is of great importance to us.

If you're paying for a Custom PC, you're probably going to want it to look good. We love it when we see a big toothy grin on the clients face upon system delivery, it really makes it all worthwhile.

the business/customer relationship

Third, the customer is never just a business transaction. Customers are the most important aspect to business, as we can't operate without customers. Each and every customer becomes a relationship that we treasure and nurture.

We have the utmost respect for each of our customers, as they deserve it. Customers are like Custom PCs, they must be cared for diligently.

build quality

Fourth, build quality is a key component of our company. Build quality is not the same as style.

Build quality is how well the components are installed. If the power cables are left untied, if the CPU liquid cooler is placed in an inferior position for proper cooling, if the LEDs are installed in a poor position, you are left with sub-par build quality.

Tying down power cables, running fan cables to make them invisible to the normal eye, placing components in proper alignment...these are all part of a superior build quality. Custom PCs should have the "extra-effort" put forth to really make the system stand out from the rest.

All of our systems are carefully designed to meet performance requirements. All of our systems are hand-built by PC Enthusiasts in the USA who really love their craft.

Custom Computers Are Awesome

There are Desktop PCs that everyone knows about...and then there are Custom-Built PCs that make your jaw drop from sheer awesome. We aim to always be in the second portion, and to never waver from Top-Flight Quality.

We are Top Flight Computers, the best Custom PC Design company in Raleigh North Carolina