My Thoughts on Our Showing at Game-A-Thon

Phenomenal & Exhaustive

That's how our event this past Saturday (March 4th) at Game-A-Thon at UNCG went. We had a wonderful showing, I was extremely satisfied with the flow and turnout.


I had been invited by the President of the UNCG Gaming and ESports to be a guest speaker, I was going to speak on Custom PC Design & Construction. I was also going to have a company booth, with some PCs I had designed for some clients on display.


The talk itself went well, albeit sparsely attended. The people who did attend seemed to be very interested, and asked lots of good questions. The booth section, was a massive success. That's somewhat understating it.

I normally go to networking events, and meet about 10-20 people. Those people tend to be more business and general networking connections, ones that you don't really know if they'll "hook". The gaming event was a totally different story. We must have had about 30-40 people come by our booth, and talk to our representatives for a good bit.


I had a hunch that bringing several LED PCs would draw in a good number of people...and I was very right. The PCs worked their magic in a big way. Every person that walked over was greeted almost instantly by either myself, or a representative, was talked to about what drew them over, and received business cards for both my company and the NC PC Enthusiasts group on Facebook.


NC PC Enthusiasts is a group dedicated to providing a safe alternative to buying used PC parts on Craigslist. All of the members on NCPCE are approved by admins, which creates a safe business/conversing environment.


I talked with several people who were interested in a Gaming PC, and some that were interested in Workstation PCs. Some even were interested in hybrid models!

These events don't come along too often, so when they do come along, execution is key. I look forward to designing a whole new set of PCs for customers, and meeting more people. You never know who you're going to meet.....