The "sweet spot" of High-End Custom Gaming PCs at $1800-$2500...

High-Performance Custom Gaming Computer Parts

In desktop mode, Gaming PCs really start to become attractive in the $1800-$2500 range. This price range allow for several performance and cosmetic upgrades and enhancements, all of which improve the overall system.

This generally reserves a “sweet spot” for high-end PCs, which generally don’t need to be significantly upgraded, except in unique circumstances.


This price range allows for the use of higher-end motherboards, which allows the user to use other more powerful components (or use current components more effectively).

Some motherboards can incorporate advanced thermal armor, some can utilize more powerful networking chips, some have more able overclocking suites on them.

All of these characteristics make for a more future-proof motherboard, as well as enhancing the user experience.

graphics cards

At this level, more advanced graphics cards also come into play (or several less-powerful graphics cards). As the GPU is the main component of a Gaming PC, you will tend to dedicate as much money as possible towards this part.

Using a GTX 1070 over a GTX 1060 will allow the user to run graphics at higher settings, or use a higher resolution monitor. Using a GTX 1080 will result in the same jump in visual mind-blowing, just on a grander scale.

While on this subtopic, using a hybrid-cooled GPU (GPU with a built-in closed-loop cooler) will result in even higher framerates, while keeping temperatures nice and chilly.


This hardware tier also brings in more advanced and exotic storage systems.

This tier allows for the easy use of m.2 NVME SSDs, or multiple SATA SSDs.

Or, if you have a need for lots of HDDs, you can acquire a massive amount of storage at this tier with HDDs.

Though, gaming may not need a massive HDD array, unless you really want to have a performance+safety backup of every single game in your library.


This tier also brings on the advent of early-stage custom watercooling, though it is still prohibitively expensive.

This type of thermal dominance is very costly, and will typically add about $1000 to the system price.

It will however, keep your system in the Ice Age, and make it whisper-quiet. Not to’ll have one kick-ass system.

visual style

Finally, this range allows for very visually appealing components.

Including tempered glass, blackout/chromeout memory kits, custom case LED hubs, steel, aluminum, integrated PWM fan hubs, multiple SSD mounts, and lots of well-designed fan mounts...this range is full of visually striking components.


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