The Effectiveness of Social Media for Small Business

The Effectiveness of Social Media for Small Business

Over the past few years of running Top Flight Computers, I've grown the brand, and realized how some things work better for me than others. There are some who say social media doesn't work for their business, and while everyone has their opinion, I would say most people approach social media from the wrong standpoint.

I recently wrote an article on using social media to build your brand when you have a small budget. That article ties directly into this one.

How I Use Social Media

I use social media to connect with people I want to talk to, learn from, and also work with. I advise you to NOT only use it as a purely lead-gen probably won't work very well.

That also leads into networking...but that's another article ;)

I also use social media for brand awareness, which has been key for me. I don't have a big budget, but I do have a product and service that appeals to several types of people. I know what my audiences are, I just needed a way to connect with them.

There are people who might never buy a PC from me, but they've grown to become very good friends of mine, and I have enjoyed having them as friends.

The Effectiveness of Social Media for Small Business

The effectiveness of social media for small business is in what you use it for, and how you use it.

You need to not think of it as a purely lead-gen tool, and instead think of it as truly a social network.

Use it to connect with people, really TALK with them, try to add value to their lives.

How Most People Do Social Media for Small Business Wrong

I know what you're thinking....I try that, and nobody responds.

Or they just say "cool, hope you're doing well", and that's the last you hear from them.

Or they immediately invite you to like their Facebook Page. It happens.

Again, most people don't use social media the right way for their business…or they think they're above you...or they're just plain busy.

Don't take it personally.

Focus on those who do respond, those who do engage. If you can create an image and presence that is warm and engaging, and connect with people who want to know'll work, I promise.

How Social Media for Small Business Works

I recently connected with another guy who builds PCs on the side, and he's found himself needing a more powerful system for his channel on YouTube. He's been out of the hardware loop for a little bit, and doesn't have time to sift through forums and reviews to figure out what to use.

So because I connected with him, have talked with him several times, invited him to join my group on Facebook (he's been engaging with a few posts in there)...he's decided to have me design a spec for him to build (since he's fully capable of building the PC).

If I simply wrote him off as another PC builder (potentially competition), then I would have not gained a valuable connection, a client, and a good friend.

It’s a Two-Way Street

Social media is also a two-way street. If you end up working with a person you met on social media, please tag them in the posts related to that business relationship.

Leave them a review, because social media is all about the validation of the business by friends and customers. Sure, the profit from the sale is helpful (very much so)...but the review is as well.

Sometimes the review is more valuable than the financial gain.

When using social media for your small business, rather than thinking of it as purely lead-gen, think of it more as a way to connect with people you want to talk to, learn from, and also work with.

Be engaging, be warm, be polite. Don't take things personally...since you aren't doing yourself any favors by getting riled up.

I hope this helps, see you guys in the next article!

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