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Shwaza | Game Design Workstation

Shwaza | Game Design Workstation

Shwaza is a liquid-cooled workstation designed for use in Adobe Animate and Premiere, Unreal Engine 4, gaming, and streaming. This build uses several components selected for visual appeal by the client, including: CPU cooler, memory, GPU, case, and fans. This build is designed around an 8-core i9 9900K processor and an RTX 2080 8GB video card.

Recommended Hardware for Unity and Unreal Engine

This Unity/Unreal Engine Workstation is built around the high-powered Intel i9-9900K CPU, providing a very high amount of single-core performance, as well as large amount of CPU power for rendering when needed.

This Unity/Unreal Engine Workstation performs well in applications optimized for decently multithreaded CPUs, with high GPU rendering capabilities.