Recommended Hardware for Octane and Redshift

This Octane/Redshift Workstation is built around the high-powered 8-core Intel i7-9700K CPU, providing a heavy amount of single-core performance that is necessary to properly feed the video cards.

This Octane/Redshift Workstation is designed for use in applications that heavily use GPU rendering, and scales very well with additional video cards.

Recommended Hardware for VRay

VRay is an extremely powerful rendering engine, with support for highly threaded CPUs and powerful video cards. VRay can scale up from a single CPU/GPU install, to a multi-GPU system, to a dual-CPU multi-GPU workstation, and peaking at a multi-1U rackmounted server. This VRay Workstation performs well in applications optimized for extremely highly multithreaded CPUs, with very high GPU rendering capabilities.