Reviewing the NZXT S340 ATX Mid-Tower Case

NZXT S340 Case Review

I recently designed a PC called Silver Fury that used the NZXT S340 as the chassis. I meant to do a review on that case soon after, but I got busy with other things soon happens. So here's the review that I was meaning to do.


NZXT has been on the rise as of late. The H440 Full-Tower is a great option in that market, keeping the visible area free of ugly drives, as well as providing a sexy power supply cover. These things really make the H440 an attractive option. But, it's still a Full-Tower.

Enter the S340. The tiny little Mid-Tower that has come on like a Corvette with a turbo kit. It'll take a bit to catch, but it will finish strong.


This case was very relaxing to work with (wow, I'm calling a case relaxing to use....). But really, NZXT put a lot of thought into this case. From the glossy black front panel that seemed to take fingerprints rather well, to the power supply edge-guard that allows you to slip the PSU in directly from the back (this helps tremendously when managing those nasty PSU cables), they really put their time in. Of course, no review of this case would be complete without bringing up the "cable management panel".


This glossy black (in this S340 model) panel is designed to hide ugly power cables from the motherboard power and USB 3.0 front header...though in this case (haha)...the semi-modular motherboard cable was too stiff to bend into the panel.



This case, while smaller...was very lightweight, and easy to spin around several times on my desk. Lightweight cases are often worth their weight (or lack of) in gold, as it makes system construction much less aggravating. While this case only has options for 2 exhaust fans (top and rear), that often proves to be more than enough.


I'm often on the fence about visible SSD bays. SSDs are very quick, and look good too (HDDs are big and bulky, and just look like a hunk of metal). You might be more apt to show off a high-end SSD, if you had the option to. 


Overall, this case was nice to build in. The cable management panel came in handy, and I liked the SSD bays. The tilted vents for the hidden HDD bays was a nice touch, and i love it when manufacturers use case screws that don't fall out.

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