What Is Top Flight Computers & Why You Should Buy From Us

What Is Top Flight Computers & Why You Should Buy From Us

Top Flight Computers is a Custom-PC Design/Build firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina. We provide another option in the Built-PC industry, one that is firmly rooted in high quality parts, superior customer service, and driven by the utmost respect for the customer.

The "sweet spot" of High-End Custom Gaming PCs at $1800-$2500...

While not for the faint of heart, $1800-$2500 represents a "sweet spot" for High-End Custom Gaming PCs. These systems incorporate hardware capable of running games at high/near-max quality, while remaining stable. These systems can also utilize more visually-appealing components, which enhances the overall system across the board.

Why a $1000 Gaming PC is still a good option instead of a Gaming Laptop

A $1000 desktop for PC Gaming is a good system to start with, and is arguably a better system than a comparable laptop. While the laptop does have massive portability, the desktop has several other advantages that could potentially make it the winner.

Why You Need To Get A Good Power Supply

If the motherboard is the central command center of your PC, then Power Supply Units (PSUs) are what keeps everything running. You could loosely relate a PSU to a gas tank in a car. You should invest a good amount into the PSU, to keep your PC running safely and smoothly.

What is a Home Theater PC?

A Home Theater PC (HTPC) loosely defined, is a computer that streams media to a large-format screen in your home. More specifically, it is a purpose-built PC that has large storage capacities, the ability to run very quietly, and does not attract a lot of attention. 

Why I Started Top Flight Computers

In recognition of the New Year, I decided to blog about why I started Top Flight Computers a year ago.

I started Top Flight Computers to provide a customer-oriented, quality-first, respect-focused organization that designs custom computers that do what the customer wants and needs, each and every time. A customer is not just a business transaction, they represent relationships that must be built and cared for diligently, just like one of our custom PCs. It is my joy to see the smile on a client's face when they get the perfect system for their needs.

Why You Need To Buy A Good Motherboard

While they may not be the flashiest component, or the most powerful...Motherboards are definitely one of the most important. You should always invest a fair amount into your motherboard, as a bad motherboard will be a major headache, not to mention a big waste of money.

A Return to SSDs. The Samsung 950 Pro...

I did a blog about the magic little boxes that are SSDs. I recently designed a system for a client that incorporated a Samsung 950 Pro m.2 SSD, and I decided to make a blog about the 950 Pro. This tiny little device is one of the fastest consumer SSDs on the market, by a wide margin. It's easy to see why it's one of the most coveted SSDs on the market.

Custom Water Cooling. Those shining tubes, fittings, plates, and LEDs.

Custom Water Cooling is one of the higher-end upgrades to a Custom PC. However, it can be a very good investment, as it easily eliminates harmful heat, while keeping noise low. Water Cooling also looks awesome, which is always a plus!

High-End CPU Air Coolers vs Mid-Level CPU AIO Water Coolers

There is a raging battle between CPU Air Coolers and Closed-Loop CPU Water Coolers (CLCs). Some people think that air is better, and some think that water works better. This all helps drive the market, and forces manufacturers to innovate.