A Return to SSDs. The Samsung 950 Pro...

A while back, I did a blog on SSDs, and how they can dramatically improve a computer. I recently designed a system for a client that used one of the best top-of-the-line SSDs, the Samsung 950 Pro m.2 512GB model. 

The Samsung 950 Pro experience is comparable to converting to a SATA SSD from a HDD for the first time....except you're going from a SATA SSD to a m.2 SSD. Which is to say; going from a 80MB/s - 500MB/s switch, to a 500MB/s - 2500MB/s switch. The Samsung 950 Pro is an absolute animal. It chews through data as if it were a laser cutting through paper. And all that crazy speed is mated with a feather-light device.

Most SSDs are about the size of a half-deck of playing cards, and weigh about 1.4oz. The 950 Pro, is about the size of a lighter (half as thick), and weighs .35oz. The 950 Pro also uses 2milliwatts (mW) of power at idle, which allows it to extend battery life significantly (when one has a battery). 

The 950 Pro does not come cheap, as it weighs in around $340 USD. However; speed, size, weight, and reliability do have their merits. If you have the wallet for this device, it will reward you time and time again. Samsung has truly hit the nail on the head with this little magic powerhouse.