What is a $3000+ Gaming PC typically used for?

These Crazy Expensive Gaming Computers

$3000+ Gaming PCs are a special breed, and not for the faint of heart. These systems are typically used for maxing out visual settings, aiming for 4K resolution, while maintaining a solid 60+FPS, no questions asked. These systems are as stylish as they are powerful, and they really shine in the spotlight.

Hardware possibilities

PCs over $3000 can vary in incorporated hardware, as some can incorporate custom water cooling, while others use high-speed storage arrays.

Others can use extremely-high-end CPUs, while others can use the most advanced GPUs.

Still others can combine all of these, for truly incredible machines.

not your fathers dell computer

Gaming PCs of this caliber are not your father's Dell PC. They are purpose-built to utterly dominate tasks, games, and pretty much everything you could throw at them.

You want to play in 4K resolution with no issues? These systems will handle it.

You want to run virtually silent, while staying nice and frosty? These monsters are up to the challenge.

with great power comes great responsibility

These systems are meant to be used for extremely intensive workloads, as they are a fair investment. They are also significantly more powerful than basically any other consumer-grade PC.

While they are expensive, they are also most likely the most powerful PC you will ever own, and the most powerful consumer PC within 30 miles of your home.

With great power, comes great responsibility, and that rings true here as well. Serious hardware come with serious cost, and should be kept appropriately safe.

computers of this caliber

Currently, the only preset Gaming Computer of this caliber is the Top-Flight Gaming Computer. If you want a more powerful system, please contact us, we would be more than happy to help you achieve your dream machine!