About Us

Top Flight Computers is based in Cary, North Carolina, and specializes in high-performance custom-built computers. We emphasize the ability to customize literally every aspect of each system, offering an unparalleled level of customer service that is quite rare in this industry. Our goal is to provide you with the best computer for your situation and budget, and make sure you’ve had a pleasant experience with us.

Why Are We In Business

We believe that computers should be designed in a manner that allows you to get your work done fast, so that you can get to more important things in your life.

How Do We Do That

We work with you to figure out what you’re doing with your new computer, what hardware best suits your situation, and if you have any special requests to be taken into account.

What Do We Do

We design high-performance custom-built computers, specializing in workstations, gaming computers, water cooling, and network storage solutions.

What Makes Us Different

Our commitment to providing high-performance custom-built computers begins with the extensive internal benchmarking and testing we conduct on all the components that ultimately make it onto our production line.

Unlike our competitors, Top Flight Computers isn't tied to any specific brand - our designers have full discretion to test components from any manufacturer/product line, so that only the best components are selected. This helps ensure overall quality and best-fit scenarios.

At Top Flight Computers, you have our undivided attention throughout the entire process. Our primary goal is to make sure you love your system, understand what you are buying, and enjoy the entire experience.

Every customer's needs are different, and with so many potential options, there is no 'one size fits all' solution. We are available via email, phone, text, social media, and in person.

Our goal is to design the best system for your needs, while providing you with a superior overall experience.

The Top-Flight Process

What is the The Top-Flight Process?

When you consider acquiring a custom-built computer from us, you'll go through a comprehensive system-needs analysis with our Lead Designer.

This process has been developed to take into account all phases of a custom computer build, to ensure that all of your needs are met, and that you're satisfied with the system configured.

Check out our process at the link below!


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: Build a high quality product, offer outstanding support and the product will sell itself. This is a philosophy based on integrity. It’s one of the oldest lessons in the book.

Unfortunately, there is a current trend for major computer companies to focus on the bottom line over meeting the needs of their customers. While this is a short-term gain, it’s a long-term recipe for disaster, and does not jive with our philosophy.

Be advised when comparing their pricing to Top Flight Computers. Be sure not to fall for computer systems with misleading advertising, substandard parts, and poorly designed specs!

As a custom computer specialist, Top Flight Computers was founded with the goal to break the trend of low-quality, cookie-cutter computers, and to provide systems with superior performance and reliability. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that our goals are the same as yours!

Because we have a commitment to the complete support of your computer system, we save ourselves time and money by providing the computer system that is least likely to fail.

Furthermore, we do not hire sales people who can’t build a computer. The people you talk to before your purchase are qualified to build that same computer and give you support after your purchase. It would go directly against our core standards to employ those who don’t get our Why.

Our Business Strategy

With the kind of business philosophy we have, our growth strategy relies largely on word of mouth. The best part about it is that we know it works, we grow at a healthy and stable rate. We are constantly updating our internal systems and processes to keep up with demand.

We take great pride in what we do, and we don't waste time with anything that detracts from our goals.

For more information on who we are, please contact us! We look forward to speaking with you.

We Have a Proven Track Record

Talk is worth little unless you have proof. There are numerous resources you can use to make sure we are who we say we are.

Try looking us up on Google…we’re confident you’ll like what you see!

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Our Team

chris touchberry

Chris Touchberry

Owner & Lead Designer

Chris founded Top Flight Computers in December 2015. Today, his primary role is talking with clients, figuring out what they’re looking for in their computer, and ensuring that all build procedures have been followed. Overall, he works to provide a great product and stellar customer experiences.

Chris started Top Flight Computers because he wanted to provide a quality alternative in the industry. From his perspective, the industry was full of sleasy sales tactics and poor build quality. He wanted to provide an alternative that was based on designing for exactly what the user was doing, and took several aspects into account in the design process.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing computer games, watching college football, hiking, and finding another good dark beer.

Check out Chris's computer "Scarlet Wizard" here


Connor Sheehan

PC Designer & Water Cooling Specialist

Connor is a student at NC State University, majoring in Technology, Engineering, and Design Education.

Connor has experience in custom acrylic fabrication, as well as video editing and graphic design.

Connor is an avid PC gamer, and especially enjoys ESports and VR gaming.

This combination of fabrication, video editing, and ESports experience, with a love for high-performance hardware, allows Connor to easily understand hardware requirements, and design the optimal system for the end-user.

Check out Connors computer "Glacier" here