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We won't sell you a computer that we wouldn't be confident in selling to our own families and friends

We have an established process that we follow on every single build...The Top-Flight Process

We pride ourselves in combining professional, personal, and courteous service, with a sense of humor and the utmost respect for you and your computer needs

The Top-Flight Process...What Makes Us Different!


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“I recently bought a new computer from Top Flight and could not be happier. The build quality and attention to detail are the best I have ever had in a PC.

I would recommend Top Flight to anyone in the market for a new computer.”
— Adam, Apex NC
“Had Chris design a computer for me when I needed to upgrade earlier this year. His knowledge and professionalism during the process even when issues popped up is top of the line.

Highly recommend anyone looking to have a computer built use Top Flight.”
— Peter, Raleigh NC
Something about the way his choice of words and presentation caught my eye. I invited him over to chat, next thing I know he’s installing software and hardware.

I would gladly recommend him for your computer needs. If he doesn’t know the answer, you won’t get fluff; he’ll search it out and report back.
— Charlie, Raleigh NC
He dealt with all of my constant questions and truly showed what it means to be invested in a project, but more importantly a person.

I would recommend this service to anyone and everyone. This is the only place I will go for future services.
— Michael, Raleigh NC
I wanted to try something local because of reviews on the big companies not being the best. Plus this is a bit more personal.

You actually talk to Chris about what you want, and he puts it into action. Thanks for the experience!
— Matthew, Cary NC
Hire him, because even after he dazzles you with your shiny new PC, you still won’t fully realize how fortunate you were to have him working for you.

Thank you, Chris. If I find myself needing another set of hands for a project, I’ll be calling you.
— Edward, Durham NC
Chris exceeded every expectation I had, and created one of the finest computers I have ever owned.

The computer Chris built for me is the Stormtrooper Rampage, look it up on his site, it’s absolutely amazing!
— David, Fuquay Varina NC
I definitely recommend Top Flight Computers for those who want to build their own PC, or those who would like a second opinion on what parts work best for their specific needs.

Very polite, resourceful, and passionate about helping with building your dream PC into reality.
— Kellie, Fayetteville NC

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